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We ask that you read and follow the terms & conditions listed below to ensure that you are fully aware of our expectations and requirements before entering the MyGoal Hockey Facility.


All bookings must be paid in advance; this ensures that your session is fully confirmed. You can either send an E-Transfer to our email, '', come to pay the session in-person in advance (be sure to notify us when you plan on coming to ensure that someone is present to collect the payment) or you can provide us with your phone number and we will call you to make the payment over the phone.



GROUP/TEAM/PRIVATE/RENTALS: A minimum of 48hrs advanced notice is required to qualify to reschedule or Refund a Rental, Group, Team or Private session. No exceptions. Cancellation less than 48hrs will result in a full charge. Refunds will not be issued for no-shows as instructors have been scheduled and are present for their lessons.


Minimum of 24hrs advanced notice is required to qualify to Reschedule or Cancel a session with Full Refund. No exceptions. Cancellations less than 24hrs will result in full charge of the session. Refunds will not be issued for no-shows as instructors have been scheduled and are present for their lessons.


When booking on behalf of a group, please select one group representative to be in charge of all reservations and communications to avoid any sort of conflict. This representative is responsible for making sure that all other members of their group are aware of MyGoal Terms & Conditions. In addition, we ask that all communications be made via email to resort back to the chain of messages, if needed. 


Whether you are renting the ice, having a private session or joining a group clinic, please note that each session shall consist of not more than 50-55 minutes of ice time; the remainder of the hour being devoted to any necessary ice maintenance. To ensure that all sessions remain on time, on-ice participants are asked to immeditely vacate the ice following their session.


All on-ice participants are asked to vacate the changing rooms within 25mins after the end of their session. This allows the MyGoal staff to properly clean the changing room and allow the next groups to have adequate time to get prepared for their sessions.


Wearing your full equipment is mandatory in cases where you are participating in a group hockey or ringuette session; it is not mandatory for a family skate type session. That being said, a helmet and skates is mandatory in any scenario, whether on the main ice or shooting ice.


No child nor adult is allowed on the ice without a MyGoal employee's permission. Furthermore, if you or someone from your group does not obey, we will give you a warning. If this occurs again, we will cancel any upcoming session with no refund. Your safety is our #1 priority.


Walking and skating on ice is considered voluntary and will be interpreted as acceptance of any associated risks, dangers, hazards, and responsibilities. In the event that walking or skating on the ice surface results in death or injury; the individual and/or group agrees to hold MyGoal Performance Hockey, Monkey Sports, its employees and the landlord harmless from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, losses, costs, or damages brought against them as a result of the death or injury.


MyGoal is not responsible for any broken, stolen and/or lost items anywhere inside the building. If you are participating in an on-ice session, please ensure that any item in which you are not using is securely zipped up in your bag, inside the player's changing room. 


We will not tolerate any disrespectful behaviour towards our staff and facility. If we catch wind of anything of that matter, we will immediately intervene and decide what the next course of action will be, depending on the situation at-hand. If you have any questions or concerns, please email '' and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


An individual or group is liable for any criminal mischiefs committed while they were at MyGoal Hockey, including any harm done to the facility, the surrounding property, and any equipment. Any repairs that are necessary as a consequence of damages will be billed to the renting party/organization/person and are their entire responsibility. Their ice contract will be suspended until the invoice is paid if it is not paid. If there are repeated damages to the ice, their ice contract will be cancelled without a reimbursement.

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