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If you wish to train on your own or with a couple friends, without the assistance of a MyGoal Coach, we invite you to rent The Zone. If you wish to bring your own tools, you are more than welcome; if not, you can use our supplies.

The maximum amount of people allowed on this ice surface is three (3).  It is important to note that this ice is not meant for excessive skating.  

All bookings for The Zone are done on our booking platform called Wellness Living.  You would have to select either the '30mins Rental (The Zone)' or '1hr Rental (The Zone)' option. 

* We do not book anything manually; it must be done online. In addition, if the ice is in rough shape towards the end of your session, we reserve the right to ask you to step off so that we can prepare it for the next group.

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Main-Ice availability changes on a weekly basis, which is why we book it manually via email, to ensure that there are no miscommunications.

The booking process goes as follows:


  • Email us at '' with the following information:

    • Your desired dates & times.

    • How many players will be joining.

    • If you need a MyGoal trainer or not.

    • What the participants would like to work on, if applicable.


  • Based on your availability, we will send you the open hours that we have remaining.


  • If there is an hour that suits you, we will reserve it for you. Please note, a booking is not confirmed until a payment has been made.

  • There are four (4) options for payments:

    • Option 1: If you have a credit card on your Wellness Living profile, we can charge that, if you approve.

    • Option 2: You can send an E-Transfer to the following email address: ''.

    • Option 3: We can call you to make the payment over the phone.

    • Option 4: You can come pay in person, minimum 48hrs before the start of the session, but be sure to notify us beforehand to ensure that someone is present to collect the payment.

* Prices vary depending on the chosen hour (Prime Hour or Non-Prime Hour). Prices found on the Prices page.

* Packages are available if you book multiple sessions in advance.

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